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vs KIDS (Format)

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Would former top athletes be able to out-win the kid champions in the same sport? "Of course, no sweat!", you'd think, right?
A Rio 2016 Olympic swimmer should be able to win a junior swimming champion; a professional bowler would beat the kid bowling champion in a match of splits; and a former Othello (Reversi) World Champion should win over the Youth World Champion...
But can the professional adults really win against the rising little stars...? This program pits an ex-pro from a certain field against a current young star of the same field. See how the pros, who are the challengers, get dead serious to win the next generation stars. Superb skills and excellent techniques – the level of competition is surprisingly high... and the rivalry very close!
Whether the pros win or lose, “vs KIDS” is a fun watch and carries persuasive weight, that only comes from a serious challenge! You might even witness a future Olympic athlete proving their ability! Viewers will definitely be spellbound by never-seen-before dream matches.

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