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Director: Patricia Menarini
Producer: Antonie Stora, Sebastien Suchodolsk, Masato Tanaka
Cast: Amandine Chaignot
Genres: Documentary
Demographics: All audiences
People: Amandine Chaignot, Antonie Stora, Masato Tanaka, Patricia Menarini, Sebastien Suchodolsk
Traveling Chef De France in Hokkaido

8 x 25’

A French chef, Amandine Chaignot visited Hokkaido exploring beautiful foods and people who produce ingredients.
In the first season, #1-4, her stay in the center of Hokkaido hopping three rural towns and one big city really opened her to Japanese gastronomy to discover something other than what she thought, whether in cookbooks or what people eat in Japanese restaurants.
Amadine had the coarse lines (sushi, sashimi, noodle soup), but she did not know at all the subtlety and variety of Japanese cuisine. During her week in Japan, she could taste an incredible number of dishes, with all different flavors, with often this little extra thing that makes all the difference, umami, the 5th flavor, which is translated as “delicious taste”.
After the success of season 1 of “Traveling Chef” or an original French title, “Delicious Food in Hokkaido,” Amandine returns to My Cuisine and HBC for the season 2! The chef brings out sneakers and chopsticks, heading to Japan to discover the healthy secrets of Japanese cuisine!
Between land and sea, chef Amandine is not done with the secrets of Japanese gastronomy. Through grandiose landscapes, Amandine will roam the south of the island of Hokkaido and Tokyo to discover this traditional, balanced, delicate and refined cuisine considered to be one of the least caloric and one of the most balanced in the world.

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