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Producer: Takashi Kawase, Kazuyo Sezaki
Executive Producer: Jun Fujii
Genres: Format, Reality
Demographics: All audiences
Iron Housewife

2 x 114’, 4 x 75’

The gloves come off when 16 celebrity housewives compete with their pride on the line!
Four elimination stages ensure that only the top-scoring contestants move on the next stage of the competition. The 16 housewives will be tested on their skill and knowledge.

1st Stage: Housewife Common Sense Showdown
The knowledge and common sense of our housewife contestants will be tested in a quiz featuring multiple-choice and buzz-in questions about cooking, nutrition, cleaning, laundry and etiquette.
2nd Stage: Homemaker Sprint
The contestants compete in the race to clearing an elimination round consisting of five hurdles. They well be tested for their everyday skill in cleaning, sewing, cooking, and more.
3rd Stage: Fried-Rice Square-Off
Using the exact same ingredients and making the same dish, the contestants will be competing to demonstrate their prowess in an unprecedented display of culinary technique.
Final Stage: Extreme Home Cooking Showdown
With a time limit of 30 minutes, the two remaining contestants will be asked to prepare three home-cooking dishes to their own original recipes.

Iron Housewife is cutthroat competition where losing means instant elimination.
Who will emerge as Number One, to win the title of Iron Housewife?

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