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Producer: Danika Otagiri, Japan International Broadcasting Inc.

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

16 x 28’ (as of Jan 2022; 21 episodes in total by Mar 2023)

This series showcases a wide range of topics about Japan, from traditional craftsmanship to pop culture, modern technology, food, travel, lifestyle, and more.

It presents the audience with different aspects of Japan and its many well-known and lesser-known “Worlds” - from miniatures to space, aesthetic gardens to naked festivals, perpetual clock technology to quirky colorful bread - viewed and reflected from the unique perspective of Japanese and non-Japanese people alike.

All episodes are produced and broadcast for NHK WORLD-JAPAN, an international channel covering 160 regions and countries worldwide. This series aims to boost its global audience’s interest and understanding towards Japan and spark a desire to delve deeper to all things Japanese.