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Director: Yoshihiro Ohashi, Takashi Gonda

Producer: Liyana-Haley T.A., Akiko Shichiku

Executive Producer: Abid Hussain, Akira Hata

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

2 x 30’

While most people would kick off their Japan adventures in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka – let’s fast forward you to Japan’s most underrated OG gem: Niigata! Nature-esk Insta-spots…tempting food, drink…traditional culture… What is Sakeology?all of this after a 2 hours train ride from Tokyo!

Your Japanese journey isn’t over.It’s time to explore more of this hidden OG gem: Niigata! From nature…to rice and…timeless traditions.Let’s soak in art, nature and indulge on a Japanese foodie trail that will satisfy anyone’s cravings. Get ready to… to ENJOY NIIGATA’s KINGDOM.