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Cast: Boys & Men

Genres: Entertainment

Demographics: All audiences

People: Boys & Men

Boys & Men Japanesque

Japan Program Catalog
50 x 10’

The members of BOYS & MEN rediscover and report on Japan by experiencing first hand Japanese pop culture, traditional culture and craftsmanship, highlighting many of Japan’s charms. In Episode #1 they introduce how Japanese swords are made.

- Voice-over narratives are recorded in English as well as Japanese.
(Please let us know if you wish to have a Japanese version of the narratives.)
- Captions are translated and available in English.
- Please see the sample video for details.

- Episodes have been aired regularly on Friday midnight since April, 2019, in Japan.
- The duration of each episode is 10min. There are no commercial breaks.
(Each episode is a 10-minute part of an hour-long program.)
- There are currently 50 episodes. The number will increase as a new episode is aired on Chukyo TV every week.

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