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Director: Deeyah Khan

Producer: Fuuse Films

Executive Producer: Deeyah Khan

Genres: Documentary

2 x 60’

As the US presidential elections approach, award-winning filmmaker Deeyah Khan explores two divisive movements brought into the mainstream by President Donald Trump

Filming before and during the 2020 global crisis, two-time Emmy® winner Deeyah Khan turns her focus to the extreme beliefs that are being brutally weaponised under Trump’s rule. In America's War on Abortion, Khan examines the alarming erosion of reproductive rights in the US. Featuring powerful accounts from activists fighting for – and against – women’s right to choose, the film tracks the rising influence of Christian fundamentalism throughout Trump’s term, as sweeping new laws restrict abortion across many states. In Muslim in Trump’s America, Khan exposes the extreme anti-Muslim ideology that Trump has normalised – and ruthlessly exploited – in the fight for votes. Uncovering the driving forces behind this hatred and distrust, the film also explores what it’s like to be on the receiving end. Through exclusive access and in-depth interviews, Khan seeks out the reality of these complex and controversial issues – asking vital questions about the present and future of America at its most divided.

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