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Director: Adam Sparrow

Producer: Natalie Grant, Kit Simpson

Executive Producer: Laura Woolf, Michael Kelpie, Phil Mount

Writer: Dominic English

Cast: Katherine Ryan, Sophia Maria

Genres: Reality

Demographics: 18+

18 episodes x 60 minutes

Hosted by comedian Katherine Ryan, this dating show follows a single girl searching for her perfect partner from amongst twelve guys, all desperate to impress and share a big money prize. However, in a mischievous twist, not everyone is single and ready to mingle. Half the boys are in relationships and their partners are watching next door, having permitted them to do whatever it takes to win the girl’s heart. Because if they are the final choice, they win the money for themselves and their partner. How far will the boys go to prove they’re not in a relationship? Can our girl identify the single guys during the elimination process? And who will she pick as her dream man?

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