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Director: Fabio Mollo, Enrico Rosati

Writer: Gianluca Leoncini, Valerio Cilio

Cast: Alessandro Preziosi (Per amore del mio popolo, Non mentire), Davide Iacopini (Suburra, Thou Shalt Not Kill), Bebo Storti (Il candidato, Si può fare), Claudia Pandolfi (Baby, È arrivata la felicità), Daniela Camera (Danse Macabre)

Genres: Drama

10 x 60 mins

From the producers of Gomorrah, this intriguing procedural crime drama digs deep into the heart of missing persons investigations – uncovering the human story within. Every year, 25,000 people in Italy vanish into thin air. In Masantonio, Genoa’s response to the crisis is to establish an office, hidden in an old museum, tasked with finding these people. Elio Masantonio, a lone wolf with a complex personality, seems to be the worst possible candidate to lead this office. But Masantonio has an extraordinary ability to get inside the lives – and heads – of the disappeared. His superiors can see his potential – particularly when partnered with Riva, a profoundly honest, open and patient cop who is Masantonio’s exact opposite. With Riva, who will quickly become his guardian angel, by his side, Masantonio will need to draw on all his skills to piece together these intricate, puzzling cases while also adding pieces to the puzzle that is his own life.

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