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Director: Ron Murphy

Executive Producer: Jann Arden, Leah Gauthier Jennica Harper, Andrew Barnsley, Ben Murray, Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, Randy Lennox

Cast: Jann Arden, 
Zoie Palmer, 
Patrick Gilmore, 
Elena Juatco, 
Jason Blicker, 
Sharon Taylor, 
Alexa Rose Steele, 
Keaira Pliva

Genres: Comedy

Demographics: All audiences


ITV Studios
6 x 30mins

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jann Arden stars as a fictionalised, self-deprecating version of herself in this hilarious and heart-warming comedy about fame and family. Fictional Jann is a selfish, slightly narcissistic and occasionally oblivious diva in severe denial of a harsh reality – that her former music career is fading away. But it’s not just Jann’s career that’s on life support; she’s newly single, her sister may disown her and her mother may be showing early signs of memory loss. Jann’s personal life is in a shambles and she’s convinced that the cure-all is to enlist a new manager to help rebrand her image. At a crossroads between who she was and who she wants to be, can Jann stage a comeback, reclaim fame... and be there for the people who love her?

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