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Director: Gareth Tunley

Producer: Julie Ryan

Executive Producer: Mike Benson

Writer: Gareth Tunley

Cast: Sally Lindsay, Elaine Cassidy, Tom Meeten, Helen Behan, Adam Richardson, Sonny Poon, Jerry Iwu, Paul Tylak

Genres: Drama

Demographics: All audiences

4 x 60 mins

When the husband of a wealthy liberal media couple kills a young Asian boy who broke into their house, he quickly realises that rather than self defence, he will be accused of murder. To protect the life he and his wife have created, they form a plan to restage the crime scene and change their stories to the police so that they will get a verdict of Reasonable Force. However with two witnesses to their crime, the cover up quickly looks like it will be exposed. This contemporary, psychological thriller examines how far they will really go to keep the life they seem to be willing to do anything to protect.

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