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Producer: Dan Mcculloch, Camille Gatin, Tom Mullens, Helen Ziegler, John Phillips, Neil Duncan, Carolyn Parry-Jones, James Levison

Executive Producer: Michelle Buck, Russell Lewis, Dan Mcculloch, Tom Mullens, Roger Allam, Shaun Evans, Damien Timmer, Helen Ziegler

Writer: Russell Lewis

Cast: Shaun Evans, Roger Allam, Jack Ashton, Lisa Backwell, Anton Lesser, Jack Laskey, John Light, Richard Lintern, James Bradshaw, Daisy Head, Jenna Harrison, Charlie Creed-Miles, Sean Rigby, Holly Ridley, Dakota Blue Richards, Patrick Malahide, Michael Matu, Caroline O Neill, Sara Vickers, Abigail Thaw, Danny Webb

8 x 34

Set in Oxford during the 1960s, against a backdrop of revolutionary social change, ENDEAVOUR chronicles the early criminal casebook of a young detective who will grow to be Colin Dexter’s immortal Inspector Morse.

Together with friend and mentor, the gruff yet kindly Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, the crime-solving pair investigate murder and dark deeds in the eternal city of dreaming spires. As Oxford’s Finest unravel a collection of unique and thrilling cases, writer Russell Lewis continues to reveal the hidden and secret history of Endeavour Morse.

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