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Director: Geoff Bennett (Doctor Doctor, Wolf Creek, Love My Way), Gracie Otto (The Other Guy), Leticia Cáceras (Wild)

Producer: Dan Edwards (Romper Stomper, Australian Gangster), John Edwards (Puberty Blues, Offspring, Love My Way, The Secret Life of Us), Claudia Karvan (Love My Way, Doctor Doctor)

Writer: Kelsey Munrow, Tim Lee (Mystery Road, Doctor Doctor), Mathila Gupta (Doctor Doctor), Jessica Tuckwell (Les Norton), Steve Arriagada

Cast: Claudia Karvan (The Other Guy), Nathalie Morris (Black Christmas), Carlos Sanson (Malibu Rescue)

Genres: Drama

10 x 30 mins

Bump is a drama series about Angie and Dom Chalmers, a professional mid-40s couple on the brink of divorce, whose lives are thrown into complete disarray when their overachieving 16-year-old daughter Olly has a surprise baby.

Edgy, funny, feminist television, this fast-paced relationship drama explores the life-changing consequences of an impulsive teenage hook-up as they ripple out across a high school and three families in contemporary inner Sydney.

Because smart girls do dumb things too. Bump is about modern parenthood, kids who never leave, what happens when strangers accidentally become family, and the terrible and great things that come out of one little tiny mistake.

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