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Director: Andrew Moorwood, Laura Humphreys, Sam Hume, Alex Ranken

Producer: Seb Illis

Executive Producer: Dr Martha Holmes, Tom Hugh-Jones

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

Series 1: 6 x 60 mins

Awe-inspiring, ambitious, and with an innovative, interlinked story arc that marks a first in natural history programming, this landmark series, presented by Stephen Fry, reveals the incredible ways in which all life is impacted by our journey around the sun.

Featuring spellbinding spectacles, new animal behaviour and global firsts, we’ll examine how massive seasonal events affect the lives of individual animals as their stories develop across the year. From the multi award-winning producers behind Planet Earth II, Hostile Planet and Tiny World, and filmed using the latest cutting-edge technologies, we’ll explore the magic, majesty and fragility of breathtaking landscapes, extreme weather, epic spectacles and lovable animal characters – this is a year on planet earth as you’ve never seen it before.

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