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Int Drama TF


Theme Festival - International Drama

About this Festival

We take a look at the best of the best when it comes to International Drama. This festival shines a light on some of the most distinguished shows on offer from international suppliers.

Programming Profile

Making drama after a crisis


The international drama sector is coming back to life after the pandemic shutdown, but how has the market changed, what are buyers now looking for and what’s in the production pipeline?


Making scripted TV may not rank alongside healthcare or retail logistics as a priority during the current pandemic, but there’s no question international producers have worked miracles to keep crews and cast in work and ensure content supply for the coming year.


Vienna Blood
Vienna Blood

“Series like Departure, Vienna Blood and Bosch were suspended when the pandemic hit,” says Carlo Dusi, Red Arrow Studios International exec VP of commercial strategy, scripted. “But the producers worked out protocols that got them back on track. Covid-19 restrictions are tough, but the rushes I’ve seen convince me those shows will be delivered with the quality and ambition audiences are used to.”


Solutions haven’t just been about hygiene and testing, says Dusi, but a fundamental reappraisal of the production process. “On Vienna Blood, the producers reorganised the shooting schedule to minimise the risk of infection spread. One thing that has impressed me is the way rival studios have shared their experience about how to control the virus.”