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Director: Ender Mıhlar

Producer: Inter Medya

Cast: Nejat İşler, Boran Kuzum, Miray Daner, Sarp Akkaya, Damla Sönmez, Erkan Can

Genres: Drama

Respect is a story that revolts against the daily disrespects we choose to ignore, disregard, or forget in the course of time. We follow the story of a psychopath, Ercument Cozer, and we delve into his obsession against disrespect and its reflection on the community. However, this time Ercument Cozer is not alone on this journey. Two lovers whom just started out in life, Helen and Savas are in a warpath against imprudence and start committing serial killings in Istanbul. The notion of “Disrespect” between two generations has turned into a media-based struggle. In a game where he doesn’t belong Ercument emerges victorious, breaks Savas and Helen up, and takes Helen under his wing. Now, he has a sister to fight along him for the same cause. For the first time in his life Ercument has a weakness, and soon he will know what it feels like to fall in love. A newly graduated prosecutor, Arya, who is also new in town, will introduce Ercument to feelings he has never known, and he will experience those emotions to their full extent. Meanwhile left with his anger all alone, Savas wants revenge. He now suppresses his being with violence because he was destroyed due to his indecision between his sense of justice and consciousness. Selim, who has not been able to lie ever since leaving Ercument’s rehabilitation center, is now part of this game. Ercument who has dealt with countless powerful people over the years overlooked the people he rehabilitated and called them ‘flies’. Will he now be destroyed by those people who he ignored for years? Will we discover that Ercument who regarded himself as a concept for years is just a mere mortal after all?

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