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Director: Dennis Bots

Producer: Incredible Film: Danielle Raaphorst

Writer: Ellen Barendregt

Cast: Liz Vergeer, Isa Hoes, Barry Atsma, Mila van Groeningen, Luca Orlando, Kees Hulst, Pim Muda, Ali Ben Horsting, Gürkan Küçüksentürk, Yenthe Bos, Bente van Wallenburg, Wolf Kerpel

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Children, Family


Angel (11) is a shy, clumsy girl who can’t say no and likes to be at home. Home is a haven, with her brilliant parents, her lovely cat Saturn and her crazy uncle Toby, who babysits when her parents have to go to a conference. On her way home one day, something odd happens: she trips, braces herself for a rough landing, but instead finds herself floating in a beautiful soap bubble. When the bubble pops, leaving Angel dazed on the ground, she finds a beautiful golden watch next to her. It is not long before Angel discovers that the watch is very special: it makes all her wishes come true! Suddenly, Angel is incredibly popular but will her new life truly make her happy?