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In conversation with Luc Dionne

Content Quebec On Demand Session

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Luc Dionne is a Canadian screenwriter, producer and director born in Quebec in 1960. Dionne's work is largely directed towards the French-speaking market. He made his entry into the world of screenwriters in 1996 when he wrote his first screenplay, Omertà, la loi du silence, which has achieved phenomenal success. Since then, he has written several drama series (Tag, Bunker Le Cirque, The Last Chapter, Blue Moon) and written and directed several movies (Monica La Mitraille, Aurore, L’enfant Prodige, Omerta). For the past five years, Dionne has been writing a daily drama show (District 31) which examines the inner workings of an active police squad in a Montreal district.
In this creative conversation we hear from Dionne about how he has navigated his career and the lessons he’s learnt from over 25 years of experience. He discusses working across film and TV and what it means to be the solo writer for a daily drama show.

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Luc Dionne

Moderator Michael Pickard