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Director: Josh Frizzell

Producer: Kaleigh Kavanagh, Tina McLaren, Bridget Bourke

Executive Producer: Philly de Lacey, Jean Bureau, Ian Whitehead

Writer: Elizabeth Stewart

Cast: Kimberley Crossman, Jay Ryan

Genres: TV Movie

Demographics: All audiences

1:26 (Trailer)

Marketing whiz Lara Thompson is living a fast-paced life in the big city when she is summoned to the sleepy town of Kissing Falls to settle the affairs of her late Aunt Vivienne who owned a tea shop. Lara originally plans to sell the shop quickly, but switches course to fulfil her aunt’s last wish – to have one of her teas awarded by the prestigious International Council of Tea Sommeliers. With the help of handsome local flower expert Matt, Lara sets out to recreate a long lost “love potion” tea. One problem – the tea’s secret ingredient is the extinct Kissing Falls rose. As Lara and Matt work together, she finds herself not only falling for Matt but for the town itself.

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