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Home > Screenings > Incendo > One of a Kind Love

Director: Philippe Lupien

Producer: Kaleigh Kavanagh

Executive Producer: Jean Bureau, Ian Whitehead

Writer: Barbara Kymlicka

Cast: Jocelyn Hudon, Jake Manley

Genres: TV Movie

Demographics: All audiences

1:35 (Trailer)

Kyra’s dreams of being a jeweller have been put on the backburner, as her demanding job at the Sawyer Country Club is her priority. When a vacant shop becomes available in town, Kyra sees an opportunity to put a plan into action, until she learns that there’s another renter interested in the space. Enter Aiden Sawyer, prodigal son, big-city business magnate and Kyra’s childhood nemesis, returning home to the country club his parents own. As they patch up their past, Kyra and Aiden learn that there may be something more between them than just playful flirting. But when Kyra enters a renowned jewellery contest to raise enough money to outbid the mystery renter, Aiden finds himself in a race against time to make everything right.

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