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Entered into: Best Studio-Based Gameshow Format 2022

Produced by: Youngest Media Ltd
For: Channel 4
Distributed by: BBC Studios

Moneybags is the high stakes game show where contestants can get their hands on a fortune by literally grabbing it! Contestants put their mental speed to the test as they face a series of questions and must grab the Moneybag with the correct answer before it passes them on a moving conveyor belt. If they pick the correct bag they bank the cash, but if they’re wrong they could lose everything. With a massive £1 million up for grabs each week the game isn’t over until the last bag comes out.

Each episode follows a simple ‘rounds and heats’ structure. The first round sees 6 players take part in the ‘Head to Head’, consisting of 3 heats of 2 players each. The winner of each heat will then compete against one-another in round 2, the ‘Triple Header’. Round 2 has no heat structure, with the winner of this round heading straight to the final, where they have a chance to win all their previously banked cash, but only if they grab the right bags.

The UK version was structured so that a 5 day strip saw 100 correct Moneybags representing a total of £1 million travel down the Moneybelt each week. The answers are attached to the Moneybags, with the bags’ values revealed by the players. 20 correct bags and a varying amount of incorrect bags are seen per episode, with additional bags that hold further instructions such as bankrupt, steal and giveaway.