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Entered into: Best Studio-Based Gameshow Format 2022

Produced by: A Very Good Production and Warner Bros. Unscripted Television in association with Warner Horizon and Telepictures
For: NBC (US)
Distributed by: WBITVP

Family fun and crazy games with a comedic couple as hosts.

In every episode of this madcap, primetime comedy game show, two teams of four people who consider themselves family compete for a giant cash prize.
The show is hosted by a well-known comedic couple, who also act as team captains. They each join one family and play along with them, then swap teams halfway through the competition
The teams compete in a range of crazy games such as 'Brain Freeze', where wrong answers result in ice rain down team members’ backs and ‘Nosey Neighbours’, where one player from each team jumps on a trampoline to give clues to the captains about a collage of celebrities on the other side of the fence.
In the final game, ‘Spin City’, the family with the most points takes to a rotating podium to guess objects either drawn, described or acted out by the hosts. Every correct answer given within the timeframe wins cash for the family, up to a life changing top cash prize.