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Entered into: Best Multi-platform Format 2022

Produced by: i&u TV
For: YouTube Germany
Distributed by: i&u TV


A unique cross-media innovative live event. Young, intelligent and visionary.

YouTopia 2021 one of Germany's biggest digital events took place from 1-5 September draws maximum attention to the most important issues of our time: climate change, environmental protection and sustainability. Well-known top influencers live under a huge dome for 5 days while streaming live non-stop. They create a diverse program with other influencers and celebrity guests from TV, politics and science: experiments, talks and videos on climate change, sustainability and environmental protection alternate with entertainment highlights such as game shows and live concerts. Together with their community and the brand partners involved, the YouTopian’s raise funds for an environmental organization of their choice. 2021 brand partners included Vodafone, Toyota, OBI, eBay Kleinanzeigen, Bayer, CLARK, H&M and ArianeGroup.

YouTopia was also awarded with the NRW Media Prize for Development Policy Commitment. The prestigious award honors audiovisual online content on the topics of development cooperation and global goals that succeeds in reaching new target groups via digital content and social media in an innovative way while achieving an extensive reach within the target group.