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Entered into: Best Multi-platform Format 2022

Produced by: Multishow / Formata Produções e Conteúdo
For: Multishow
Distributed by: Multishow

Jojo is a rising star! Her sincerity and fast-paced sense of humor, without strings attached, are the main points of this talk show. Each day, she talks to a different guest about career, feelings and everything else, in different segments, involving music and her typical knowledge about life. At the studio, a digital influencer works as her assistant, and a DJ accompany them.

Jojo Todynho got famous with her non-stop truths, singing about life in her Brazilian funk music. More than 18 million fans, curious about her lifestyle and her funny speeches, follow her Instagram account. In 2020, she was the winner at The Farm’s Brazilian version, increasing her popularity and establishing her as a big Brazilian star.

Her talk show was entirely made in COVID age, following all the sanitary practices.

Besides her talk show on TV, Jojo has another show on the internet, increasing the funny environment she brings on TV. The TV show's original title is "Jojo Nove e Meia", and on internet it is called "Jojo Meia Nove", referencing to a hot sexual position. In this exclusive spin off, she talks to Brazilian digital influencers about sex and other hot stuffs.

Focused on comedy, music and travel programming in the form of original series as well as weekly live music programs, Multishow is a Brazilian basic cable channel that reaches 16 million households nationwide. More than that, Multishow is a leader in the segment, been consistently ranked among the top ten pay-TV channels since 2009.