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Entered into: Best Competition Reality Format 2022

Produced by: Banijay Italia
For: Discovery Plus
Distributed by: Banijay

Budding Farmers is a new teen reality format set in the most beautiful landscape. Created by Banijay Italia for Discovery-owned, Nove, this format sees 12 teenagers embark on a journey of personal growth.

This social experiment sees slightly pampered teenagers sent by their parents to live on a farm. Here they must give up their favourite clothes, smartphones, and social lives as the farmer and farm helpers teach them the meaning of hard work. Forced out of their comfort zones and into a new environment, it will not be easy for this group of strangers. In Wild Teens, we see if the teens embrace the new skills and are proud of what their hard work achieves or whether tiredness will spark frustration and stubborn refusals.

Whoever doesn’t do their fair share to maintain the farm and look after the livestock risks being eliminated. The farmer selects the two worst and two best workers before the final decision is made on who must go home and who can continue their journey.

Only those that prove they are adaptable and willing to give their all to help run the farm will reach the end of the series and earn an amazing trip to an exotic destination.