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Entered into: Best Competition Reality Format 2022

Produced by: IDTV - Netherlands
For: RTL
Distributed by: All3Media International

The Traitors is an exciting, psychological adventure reality show full of trickery, deceit and manipulation. A mental battle between good and evil in which the viewer experiences the adventure from both perspectives. Eighteen contestants live together in a castle for over a week, carrying out eight physical missions in order to earn as much silver as possible as a team.

However, a few contestants don’t want to share this silver with the whole group. Already in the first episode, three of them are designated, in secret, as "traitors". Each night - while the faithful contestants sleep – the traitors meet in a mysterious conclave to kill a ‘faithful contestant’. In doing so, they reduce the size of the group, hoping that in the end there will be only the three of them left.

Every morning at the breakfast table, a chair remains empty causing great consternation. Who did this? What is going on? How can we, as a group, arm ourselves against this betrayal?

To guard against these unjust killings, the group meets every evening at "the round table" in the hope of getting rid of the traitors. Accusations and suspicions fly back and forth, and eventually each contestant speaks out loud about who he wants to ‘banish’. The contestant with the most votes, stands up and reveals, in front of the whole group, his or her identity. Was he a traitor or faithful after all?

However, before the evening and the round table begins, the group works together in "the mission" in which they can collectively win a lot of silver. During spectacular challenges in enchanting locations, they endure tough trials together. Precisely because of the common goal, the mindfuck among the contestants is increased. After all, they work together with people they don't really trust at all and while traveling to the locations of the mission they sit as loyal contestant in the car with the people they suspect as traitors. In addition to the silver, each mission there is also 1 shield to be won that will prevent a contestant from being murdered that night and thwart the murderous plans of the traitors.

Finally, in the last episode, after the final round table, three contestants remain. If, under them, are one or more traitors they won the game and share the silver, but if the faithful succeeded in unmasking and banish all the traitors at the end, they will win and divide all the silver.