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Entered into: Best Competition Reality Format 2022

Produced by: Eureka
For: Nine
Distributed by: Fremantle

Parental Guidance is an explosive social experiment that examines the many distinctively different styles of parenting. From helicopter parents to tiger parents, free-range and routine parents, this highly entertaining format will take viewers behind the closed family doors of parenthood, showing how they raise their families whilst trying to influence everyone else that their parenting style is best. Parental Guidance is a fascinating, controversial, and a funny look at how we live. In search of the “nation’s best parenting style”, committed parents with diverse techniques, will take turns assessing each other's parenting styles through some of the toughest challenges ever attempted. Placing their skills under the microscope in the ultimate stress-test, they will confront methods that divide opinion, cause spirited debate and will even be uncomfortable for some.
Uplifting with humour and heart, Parental Guidance ultimately celebrates the ideology that by being opened to learn from one another, the participants can strive to be the best parents possible, as they face the hardest challenge of their lives.
Parental Guidance was 2021’s #1 new entertainment show on NINE in Australia.