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Entered into: Best Comedy Format 2022

Produced by: Lime Pictures and Motion Content Group
For: Channel 4, UK
Distributed by: All3Media International

We start with the comedians and celebrities coming together for the first time, as the celebrities find out who they have been paired up with. Once they know their pairings, the celebrities are then put on the spot as they are told they have two minutes to go on stage, introduce themselves and be funny. Here the comedians judge how funny, or not, their celebrity is. Over the next two weeks, the pairs train hard for the big performance. They work together as a pair on the material and the delivery of the routine. We learn and explore different elements of the celebrities' lives, as they gather material from their own experiences,

The celebrities also work on their stage presence and discover their comedy ‘voice’. In what other shows would you see a left wing comedian, (Nick Helm) get a Baroness, (Syeeda Warsi), to dress up and shout about the wrong doings of her political party.

At the end of the two weeks training, the celebrities perform their 5-minute routine to a live audience. Some do well, some forget their lines and one even gets booed. The audience vote for their winner by the sound of their applause. The celebrity with the most cheers wins the trophy and is crowned the Stand Up & Deliver champion.