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Entered into: Best Comedy Format 2022

Produced by: Zeppotron
For: Channel 4
Distributed by: Banijay

One Night In… sees three comedians given the opportunity to run wild for one night in a world famous location without security guards, grown-ups or officious busybodies hampering all the fun!

The celebs run amok, snoop around, uncover secrets and play games, as they hang out after hours unsupervised in these iconic locations. From factories to museums, from zoos to department stores, they’ll be set challenges they have to complete during the night. And there’s only two rules: no sleeping and if they break it, they pay for it!

They comedians can do anything they like, just as long as they’re out of the location before the cleaners arrive and the shutters go up the next morning.

A free-wheeling comedy adventure, full of hilarious tasks and genuine comedy, where anything can happen!