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Entered into: Best Comedy Format 2022

Produced by: Baluba
For: TV4
Distributed by: Fremantle

Once upon a time, dating was so much easier – wasn’t it? So, in My 200-Year-Old Boyfriend, our successful, single star will travel back in time to date through history. What follows is a hilarious journey as she meets men from different eras (brilliantly played by famous faces) to discover the challenges of finding the one in years gone by. Each episode starts in a new historical period with a new man for our heroine to meet and, eventually, marry. Will she fall for the seductive 12th-century knight, a wealthy 18th-century pharmacist, a 19th-century bad boy? Or will the charismatic jewel thief, footloose and fancy-free from the Roaring 20s, steal her heart? My 200 Year Old Boyfriend is a truly unique format that puts a new spin on the dating genre. My 200-Year-Old Boyfriend is a truly unique, funny, fascinating, and hugely quirky format blending historical facts, real-life action, and comedy capers into one entertainment.
It’s laugh-out-loud viewing as our modern-day star lands back in time to be wooed by suitors with interesting and often surprising views about love, marriage, and domestic bliss.