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Entered into: Best Brand-Driven Format 2022

Produced by: Rumpus Media
For: Channel 4, UK
Distributed by: The Story Lab

Ronseal Presents…The Great Garden Revolution is a call to arms for people across the nation to get out into their gardens and transform their outdoor spaces. Three exciting gardening experts – designer Joel Bird, ecological gardener Poppy Okotcha and a craftsman Bruce Kenneth anchor the show. They harness their expertise to transform the makeover garden, whilst imparting their wisdom and loads of garden hacks to viewers across the nation.
Each week, the show comes from a different domestic garden around the UK, that we’re transforming from a dreary backyard to a jaw-dropping paradise. Pre-makeover, we visit an iconic public garden nearby with the experts where they will be getting inspired by the incredible design, horticulture and builds they find, and this will naturally inspire that week’s theme.
Our experts draw inspiration from these iconic spaces, showing viewers how to capture the wow-factor of these verdant national treasures in their own back yard, that viewers can work on that weekend in their own back gardens, whatever its size, shape or make up. The series also features a celebrity guest each week to show off their own gardens and tips.