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Entered into: Best Brand-Driven Format 2022

Produced by: South Shore

For: ITV

Distributed by: ITV Studios

Created with a groundbreaking funding model in partnership with Marks & Spencer, South Shore was commissioned by ITV to deliver 'Cooking with The Stars'; a brand new, six-part entertainment cooking competition.

This innovative series, which transmitted over the Summer of 2021 on ITV and the ITV Hub, featured eight celebrities, paired with an accomplished chef as their mentor, taking them from passionate amateur foodies to restaurant level chefs.

With TV Presenters Emma Willis and comedian Tom Allen leading the show, each episode featured a different cuisine to challenge our celebs. From French gastronomy, to the intricacies of Indian fare, our celebrities were entrusted to cook carefully tailored meals, with mentors forced to watch from the side-lines; only able to intervene for 2 minutes in every challenge when the celebrities used their ‘Golden Frying Pan’ gong to ask for help.

Once dishes were finished, mentors became judges, rating our celebrity cooks and placing the bottom two at risk of leaving the competition. Forced to fight for their place in the contest on their own, these two celebrities then present a final dish in the hope of saving their spot.

This final eliminator dish is decided by a blind testing from the chefs; Unaware of whose food they’re passing judgement over, the greatest supporter could swiftly and unwittingly become the worst critic and vote for their protégé to leave the competition.