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Entered into: Best Brand-Driven Format 2022

Produced by: Electric Robin
For: Amazon Prime Video, UK
Distributed by: The Story Lab

A competition reality format, following five of Europe’s top amateur home brewers as they battle it out for the ultimate prize of developing and launching their very own beer.

Inspired by some of the most popular and award-winning beers on the market, the pairs of contestants compete across five episodes as they are judged on their ability to create five different types of brew – from easy drinking lagers through to complex and full-bodied barley wines. To represent the challenges of launching a new beer brand onto an ultra-competitive market, the teams are also tasked with going ‘beyond the beer’ and completing a serve challenge in each episode. We see the contestants trying their hand at label design, selecting the correct glassware for their brews, pairing their beer with food, marketing and building their dream bar – all designed to show the full package of elements needed to create Europe’s next great beer.

Beer Masters is hosted by Grammy nominated musician James Blunt and industry expert brewer Jaega Wise. James is a familiar name and face in all key markets and landlord of the Fox and Pheasant pub in Chelsea. To compliment his enthusiasm we have the perfect presenter pairing in Jaega - a recognised beer sommelier and co-founder/ head brewer at Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow.

In each episode James and Jaega are joined by two special guests to help them judge the brews: a Head Brewer from that weeks’ featured brewery (also an expert in the style of beer being brewed) and a beer-loving guest judge from the world of art and entertainment who casts an expert eye over the serve challenge. So, throughout the series we had a great mix of judges from across Europe including British model Daisy Lowe, Italian TV chef Roberto Valbuzzi, Belgian actor Filip Peeters and Dutch photo-journalist and food critic Joel Broekaert.

The winning team won the opportunity to have their product produced and sold by AB InBev, with additional graphic design and branding guidance from their in-house team.

The series is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and being distributed internationally with local broadcasters.