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Content Ukraine On Demand

Hot Properties from Ukraine

Content Ukraine On Demand Session

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Session Information

This Hot Properties strand at Content Ukraine On Demand shines a light on three upcoming dramas from the country expected to have an impact on the international business over the next 18 months. We hear from those responsible for developing them to find out more about how they are being created, developed, packaged and sold.

This session features Lion's Heart, Hotel and The Neighbours.

Lion's Heart
The prosperous city of Lviv is going through incredible excitement on the eve of the International Grand Prix rally in 1932. The rally attracts the most interesting characters from all over Europe, as well as a young talented inventor, self-taught Yarik.
He runs away from the Soviet city of Kharkiv to make his dream come true – to get an education and to create the fastest car in the world. Yarik falls in love with a young woman, Justis, after arriving in Lviv. She has a much older fiance, Markhalevsky, who seems to be a decent and rich man but has a shadowy past.
Markhalevsky tries to steal the Grand Prix prize money with the help of a gang and safebreaker Oswald. However, Yarik and his Batyar friends accidentally witness the robbery. Yarik does not realise he is now in a position to confront Markhalevsky, as well as his own father.
Speakers: Olena Yeremeyeva, Khrystyna Shkabar and Natalia Chepik

Police officer Maria Chernysh leaves the police after the death of her stepbrother, Yegor, because she disagreed with the investigation’s findings that he was a criminal and died at the hands of his victim, and begins her own investigation. She retrains and gets a job at the Liberty Hotel, which Yegor, a journalist, was investigating, after she becomes convinced it is being used as cover for a sinister organisation.
Speaker: Natalya Strybuk

The Neighbours
The Neighbours is a modern-day saga about a battle of egos between two men, while the women in their lives discover their strengths.
Former close friends Ostap and Thomas, now sworn enemies, have been trying to divide a shared farming business and a piece of land for the past two years. This process is complicated by the fact the disputed land passes along the border between the EU and Ukraine, where Ostap and Thomas live with their families – and on the day their feud reaches its climax, only one of them finds amber on the disputed territory.
The story is told from the perspective of Ostap’s daughter, 18-year-old Ukrainian Vasilina. While most of her peers are dreaming of moving away from the village and conquering big cities, Vasilina wants to stay. She is convinced the grass is not always greener on the other side – you just need to try to make it greener on yours.
Vasilina sells farm products via Instagram to help local elders earn money, and campaigns to raise funds to improve her community. But her life changes when her first true love, the handsome Peter (Thomas’s son), returns to the village. Now, Vasilina must balance her life between her dreams of developing the village and dreams of being with Peter.
Speakers: Sasha Tkachenko and Marina Chikalovets

Speakers in this session:

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Olena Yeremeyeva

Khrystyna Shkabar

Natalia Chepik

Natalya Strybuk

Sasha Tkachenko

Marina Chikalovets

Moderator Nico Franks