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Non English Language Drama

Content London On Demand Session

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This Hot Properties strand at Content London On Demand shines a light on three upcoming non english language dramas expected to have an impact on the international business over the next 18 months. We hear from those responsible for development to find out more about how they are being created, developed, packaged and sold.

This session features: Passengers, Libertad, Bete Noire (Dark Soul)


Andrey drives a cab, but he’s no ordinary Taxi driver. All his passengers are dead. His job is to deliver them to the Afterlife, but it’s never straightforward. Andrey’s passengers come from all walks of life and each has a story, they can’t reach their destined afterlife until they face-up to and atone for something from their past. But it’s a rare soul who wants to hold a mirror up to their faults, they need a guide, some encouragement, and so they turn to the only other presence in the taxi, Andrey.

Passengers is an episodic mystery drama, about regrets, atonement and absolution.

Speakers: Kirill Käro, Daria Bondarenko, and Irina Sosnovaya


Lucia “La Llanera” (“from the Plains”), is released from prison after 17 years, disillusioned but hoping to find lasting freedom. Spain in the early 1800s is a country of stark social contrast, where the few rich seek to quench the remaining bastions of unrest the bandoleros embody.

On release, Lucia and her son Juan whom she gave birth to in prison 17 years ago fall prey to an English chronicler, then a bandolero’s gang, and finally to Lagartijo, bandit of all bandits and Juan’s father. Caught in the middle of the king and his henchmen’s campaign to eradicate the bandoleros once and for all, Lucia and Juan trudge on in the pursuit of their dream of an ever more elusive liberty.

Speakers: Bebe, Domingo Corral, Enrique Urbizu, and Christian Gockel

Bete Noire (Dark Soul)

Jeremy Tremblay walked into his high school with a semi-automatic rifle and shot multiple students before killing himself. To shed light on the tragedy, Eliane Sirois, a psychiatric coroner, will be called in to undertake a psychological autopsy of the event. With the help of Sergeant Boivert, who will confront her more than help her, Eliane will try to figure out Jeremy’s motive. As this will be the coroner’s most high-profile case of her career, the pressure will be incredible! Her investigation will help us better understand how Jeremy got to the point of committing this unspeakable crime

Speakers: Patrick Lowe, co-author and co-creator, Annabelle Poisson and Sophie Deraspe

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