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Mobile 101, One Word Kill, Diamonds

Content London 2021

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This Hot Properties strand shines a light on three upcoming dramas expected to have an impact on the international market over the next 18 months. We heard how the projects were created, developed, packaged and sold from those closest to the project.

This session features: Mobile 101, One Word Kill and Diamonds

Mobile 101
Based on true events, Mobile 101 is the astonishing story of close calls and the uncertain first steps of a small Finnish electronics company becoming a global titan of the mobile phone industry. In 1988, Nokia is a small, but ambitious company hoping to conquer the world with their new mobile phone technology. Katarina and Aki, idealistic and ambitious young lawyers, are thrust into the midst of an international court case, when the US giant Motorola sues the Nokia for patent infringements. At the same time, Nokia engineer Risto, sets out to design a better and smaller mobile phone, the “101”.
Speakers: Minna Haapkylä and Maarit Lalli

One Word Kill
Summer 1996, the perfect time to be a teenager in London, and Nick and his friends know it – even if they do spend most of their time on epic D & D quests. But their perfect lives are shattered when a mysterious stranger presents a quest in the real world – Nick has cancer, and his friends must race against time to unravel an impossible mystery if he’s to stand a chance of surviving! Based on the best-selling books by Mark Lawrence, One Word Kill is a YA series about friendship, first love, time travel, parallel universes, and cancer.
Speakers: Claire Mundell and Holly Phillips

An ultra-orthodox Jewish family, with a prominent standing in the Antwerp diamond industry, is thrown into chaos when the youngest sibling takes his own life. Noah, the long-estranged older brother who turned his back on their orthodox way of life, returns from exile and the alternative home he made for himself within London’s criminal underworld. Noah soon learns that his family is on the brink of collapse, having gotten involved with the wrong people in a desperate fight for survival. As they attempt to try and save their family, Noah and his siblings must first settle their internal battles.
Speakers: Pieter Van Huyck, Atar Dekel, and Yuval Yefet