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Hot Properties May 2021


Hot Properties May 2021


C21 Digital Screenings hosts a monthly ‘Hot Properties’ screenings event on the platform to help connect programme suppliers and content buyers. Check out the latest shows from the world’s leading suppliers.

Programming Profile

Hot Properties playlist for May 2021


With many parts of the world slowly returning to normal, May’s Hot Properties playlist reflects a move away from pandemic-inspired commissioning, featuring a wide range of scripted and unscripted content.


Unscripted producers seem to be branching off from shows about frontline workers as they look beyond pandemic-focused programming. As a result, the Hot Properties selection for May features renewed variety, although we do begin with two documentaries about the Second World War.


The first is The Dambusters, a three-part docuseries in which British historian Dan Snow examines the build-up to the 1943 air raids that helped change the course of the war. The programme originally aired at the end of last year on the UK’s Channel 5 and is distributed by the UK’s Drive.


The other wartime documentary is Heroes on Deck: World War II on Lake Michigan. The doc tells the story of the US navy programme that trained fighter pilots en masse on Lake Michigan in the wake of the attacks on Pearl Harbour, the 80th anniversary of which is this December. Heroes on Deck is available for purchase from Florida-based Television Syndication Company.