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In this Hot Properties session we take a look at two new animated kids shows that are expected to have an impact on the international business over the next 18 months.

This session features: Mary and Flo: On The Go! and Battle of the Bugs

Mary and Flo: On the Go!

From the exciting world of Frankie Drake Mysteries comes new animated series Mary & Flo: On The Go!, which follows keen and determined morality officer Mary (Rebecca Liddiard) and smart, savvy medical assistant Flo (Sharron Matthews), as they travel the world solving mysteries, meeting diverse, ground-breaking women from all walks of life throughout history, and challenging the gender stereotypes of the early 20th century.

Along the way, Mary and Flo will show young audiences the importance of having confidence in yourself, the meaning of teamwork, and other valuable life lessons. The women who cross their paths will also help share their important stories with a new generation of viewers. Along with reprising their beloved characters from Frankie Drake Mysteries, Rebecca Liddiard and Sharron Matthews both serve as co-creators of the new series, along with Carmen Albano (Detention Adventure).

Speakers: Jennifer McCann, Rebecca Liddiard and Sharron Matthews

Battle of the Bugs

The world’s been invaded by huge, mechanical robot-bugs – humankind has secured them behind a protective wall, but their power is growing, and a re-invasion is imminent... Three kids are sent on a top-secret mission. Their brief:- to breach the wall into the wilderness, spy on the robot-bugs, discover their secrets and save the world! Just an average day in the life of a twelve-year-old! What’s more, to successfully go undercover in the wilderness you’ve got to ‘go robot-bug’ and that means wearing a mechanical bug suit of your very own.

Speakers: Natalie Llewellyn, Simon Nicholson and Isaac Lin

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