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Hot Properties June 2024


Company overview

C21 Digital Screenings hosts a monthly ‘Hot Properties’ screenings event on the platform to help connect programme suppliers and content buyers. Check out the latest shows from the world’s leading suppliers.

Programming Profile

Hot Properties playlist for June 2024


With June comes a slew of industry events, as distributors and buyers head to Eastern Europe, France, Spain and even Sheffield. As the international buying community packs their suitcases once again, C21’s Digital Screenings offers a glimpse of what new content is on the market.


The entertainment formats on C21’s Digital Screenings playlist this month include Fortune Hotel (Banijay), in which 10 pairs of contestants arrive at an invitingly luxurious setting for a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime stay. In each of the hotel rooms is an identical briefcase; eight cases are empty, one contains an ‘early checkout’ and one holds a cash sum.