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Hot Properties from Australia

Content Australia On Demand Session

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This Hot Properties strand at Content Australia On Demand shines a light on three upcoming dramas from the region that are expected to have an impact on the international business over the next 18 months. The teams developing the projects discuss how they are being created, developed, packaged and sold.

This session features: Fires, The Geography of Friendship and Last King of the Cross

Created by Tony Ayres & Belinda Chayko, FIRES is a 6 x one hour serialised anthology about the experiences of ordinary people at the front line of the devastating Australian fires of 2019/2020. The series weaves character studies inspired by true stories into a narrative about the fires. Each episode is based around a different community, drawn from reports of ordinary people caught in the unimaginable, and the impossible choices they were forced to make. From volunteer firefighters risking everything to families who lost homes and loved ones; from people who had to make agonising decisions about whether to stay or flee to those who found themselves responsible for the lives of friends and strangers, FIRES tells the story of how one summer changed us forever. FIRES is produced by Elisa Argenzio and executive produced by Tony Ayres, Andrea Denholm and Liz Watts. The series will be directed by Michael Rymer, Ana Kokkinos and Kim Mordaunt. The writing team, led by showrunner/writer Belinda Chayko includes Jacquelin Perske, Mirrah Foulkes, Steven McGregor and Anya Beyersdorf.
Speakers: Tony Ayres, Belinda Chayko, Eliza Scanlen and Hunter Page-Lochard

The Geography of Friendship

Aquarius Films’ principals Angie Fielder and Polly Staniford have partnered with Dollhouse Pictures’ Jessica Carrera with Rose Byrne as executive producer to develop and produce Sally Piper’s best-selling novel The Geography of Friendship into a Limited TV 6 x 1hr series. Adapted for TV by writer Giula Sandler. The story follows three female school friends in past and present timeframes. When a hike celebrating the end of school culminates in a violent confrontation, the three friends go their separate ways and remain estranged until decades later, they reunite to retrace their steps, seeking closure, connection and redemption. As memories of the past resurface an air of suffocating suspense builds towards a shocking crescend
Speakers: Jessica Carrera, Giula Sandler and Angie Fielder

Last King of the Cross
An elevated one-hour serialised crime drama over 10 episodes, Last King of The Cross tracks John Ibrahim’s rise from a poverty-stricken immigrant with no education, no money and no prospects, to Australia’s most infamous nightclub mogul. The world is Kings Cross: a mini-Atlantic City barely half a mile long and with every form of criminality on offer.

Last King of The Cross is an operatic story of two brothers, one worshipped by his father and the other scorned, who organise the street but lose each other across their ascent to power. Two immigrant boys with a fractured sense of identity, culture and family, find out that blood is thicker than water, but you can drown in both.
Speakers: Kieran Darcy-Smith and Mark Fennessy

Speakers in this session

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Tony Ayres

Belinda Chayko

Eliza Scanlen

Hunter Page-Lochard

Jessica Carrera

Giula Sandler

Angie Fielder

Kieran Darcy-Smith

Mark Fennessy

Moderator Nico Franks

Moderator Don Groves