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Content Quebec On Demand

Hot Properties from Quebec

Content Quebec On Demand Session

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Session Information

This Hot Properties strand at Content Quebec On Demand shines a light on three upcoming dramas from Quebec expected to have an impact on the international business over the next 18 months. We hear from those responsible for developing them to find out more about how they are being created, developed, packaged and sold.

This session features, Autant en emportent les framboises (Last Summers of Raspberries), Audrey est revenue (Audrey’s Back) and La Candidate (The Paper Candidate)

Autant en emportent les framboises (Last Summers of Raspberries)
Last Summers of Raspberries features an overwhelmed young widow who escapes loneliness through an improbable bond with migrant workers. A story of chaotic farming, everlasting commitments and unpredictable crops. A simply moving and exceptional story about connecting with others through mourning and exile.
Speakers: Philippe Falardeau, Julia Langlois and Christine Maestracci

Audrey est revenue (Audrey’s Back)
In the middle of the night, a 17-year-old girl is discovered unconscious on a dirt road. This tragedy will plunge an entire family into a catatonic state. Sixteen years later, the impossible has happened: Audrey has awakened. A TV dramedy series written by Guillaume Lambert and Florence Longpré.
Speakers:Guillaume Lambert and Charles Lafortune

La Candidate (The Paper Candidate)
The Paper Candidate follows the life and lessons of Alix, a struggling single mom who is offered an opportunity to run as a paper candidate for a third party. The role, she is told, basically involves being the face of the party in an electoral district where she has zero chance of winning, so that the party can promote candidates everywhere. The offer comes at a time when Alix is fast approaching the end of her thirties and going nowhere in her life. She quickly accepts without giving it too much thought, partly as a favour and partly because… why not?
Speakers:Isabelle Langlois, Catherine Léger, Sébastien Gagné and Vincent Gagné

Speakers in this session

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Philippe Falardeau

Julia Langlois

Christine Maestracci

Guillaume Lambert

Charles Lafortune

Isabelle Langlois

Catherine Léger

Sébastien Gagné

Vincent Gagné

Moderator Michael Pickard