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Content London 2021

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This Hot Properties strand shines a light on three upcoming dramas expected to have an impact on the international market over the next 18 months. We heard how the projects were created, developed, packaged and sold from those closest to the project.

This session features: This session features: Rana Naidu, Monster Inside and Kensal Town.

Rana Naidu
He can fix anything… except his own dysfunctional family. In this powerful, action-packed drama, Rana Naidu works as a professional ‘fixer’ for Bollywood celebrities and Mumbai’s elite, making their problems and scandals vanish into thin air. When his ex-con father, Naga - the very man he ‘rescued’ his family from - is released 5 years early from prison, the life Rana has so meticulously constructed for himself and his family begins to disintegrate, and long-buried family secrets come to light, unraveling his whole world.
Speakers: Sunder Aaron Principal, Locomotive Global Inc.

Monster Inside
Felix Rudenko, a Ukrainian-Canadian, works for his uncle Ded, the mysterious head of Ukrainian mob. Felix did not choose his destiny, he was born into it. When dogged indigenous Federal Agent Brie Martens comes close to burning Ded’s operation, Felix is airlifted out. Extradited to the ‘old homeland’, Ukraine, Felix meets the all-female and slightly cuckoo Ukrainian side of his family and is bitten by a werewolf, all while evading Brie.
As Felix turns bestial, he discovers you can’t escape your blood. With Brie battling her own monster inside, the two adversaries find themselves on dangerous, yet common ground.
Speakers: Nicola Soderland, Kateryna Vyshnevska and Gavin Reardon

Kensal Town
Kensal Town is an edgy and authentic YA drama set around a 500-yard stretch of road in one of the most diverse – and iconic - areas of London. It’s a cultural melting pot where supermodels rub shoulders with gang members, media moguls live in multi-million-pound mansions next to single mums in high-rise estates, and where often the only escape from a life of crime and drudgery is through music and social media stardom. Based on real lives and true stories, with a fresh acting talent drawn from the local area, the series is set to an original soundtrack from the cast and local musicians.
Speakers: Mischa Taylor Eckersley and Bob Clarke