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This Hot Properties strand at Content London On Demand shines a light on two new dramas to be adapted from original book IP and expected to have an impact on the international business over the next 18 months.

This session features: Song of the Sun God and What Have I Done?

Song of the Sun God

Synchronicity Films and Australian independent Dragonet Films are co-developing a 6x60’ adaptation of Shankari Chandran’s critically acclaimed debut novel Song of the Sun God.

Multi award-winning screenwriter Olivia Hetreed has come on board to write the adaptation. The series is a gripping emotional thriller that plunges us into the loves, lies and misdemeanours of the close-knit British-Australian Rajan family, whose story is entangled in the dangerous present and past of Sri Lanka. This high stakes family saga is set against the contemporary backdrop of the controversial 2019 Sri Lankan Election, the culmination of seventy years of conflict between the Tamil and Sinhalese communities that derived in no small part from the island’s British colonial history.

Three generations of women, each fighting her own private battle, must come together to try and find their missing Aunt - and reveal a truth, a choice made in the grip of war, that will rock the family's foundations. Set across Britain, Australia and Sri Lanka, Song of the Sun God draws us into the moral dilemmas of a war that divided a nation, a secret that divided a family and a love that unites them all.

Speakers: Shankari Chandran, Karen Radzyner, Claire Mundell and Olivia Hetreed

For further information regarding Song of the Sun God please contact: Karen Radzyner Dragonet Films +61 411 692 259 [email protected]

What Have I Done?

On the heels of the success and critical acclaim of Pulse Film’s hit series Gangs of London, the studio has acquired the rights to the highly sought memoir What Have I Done? by Laura Dockrill. This is a raw, courageous and honest recovery story that breaks the silence on one of life’s best-kept secrets, post-partum psychosis. Written from the front-line of mental illness, this heart-breaking, and uplifting memoir is about resilience, love and finding your way to the other side. Adele, a close friend of Dockrill’s, describes the memoir as "a book to save a whole generation of women.” Pulse Films is planning a genre-defying scripted adaptation with the author on board to write the project.

Dockrill could not wait to meet her new baby but as she went into labour things began to go wrong and she started to struggle. A traumatic birth, anxiety about the baby, sleep deprivation, a slow recovery – all these things piled up until Dockrill, like any new mum, felt overwhelmed. Despite this gruelling experience, her story is a hopeful one. Not only has she gotten better, she has come out on the other side stronger and more assured. Now she is determined to break the stigma around post-natal mental health, shatter the romanticised expectations of perfect motherhood, and empower parents with the message – you are not alone.

In Dockrill’s book she provides an unflinching and brutally honest memoir about her personal experience of battling with post-partum psychosis. Thrilling and terrifying, yet also incredibly funny and uplifting, What Have I Done? is the story of how her mental health takes a downward turn when she begins to experience traumatic delusions about her relationship with her new born son.

Speakers: Laura Dockrill, Abigail Dennis and Moss Barclay

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