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Hot Properties August 2020


Hot Properties August 2020

Company overview

C21 Digital Screenings hosts a monthly ‘Hot Properties’ screenings event on the platform to help connect programme suppliers and content buyers. Check out the latest shows from the world’s leading suppliers.

Programming Profile

Hot Properties for August 2020

The summer months usually mean fewer hours spent watching TV, but things might be rather different this year. Also, with acquisitions still a high priority for production-starved broadcasters worldwide, summer remains a busy period for buyers looking to finesse their next season.


With this in mind, we selected a wide variety of titles for August’s Hot Properties playlist on C21 Digital Screenings, which unearths new programmes from the world’s leading distributors that can refresh schedules and platforms worldwide.


For broadcasters targeting children who are still off school, we have a number of new toons to take a look at. From Canada’s 9 Story Entertainment comes the second season of Luo Bao Bei, continuing the adventures of a spirited seven-year-old girl with a vivid imagination, while Cake has new series Space Chickens in Space on offer. The 2D animated surreal sci-fi comedy is about a trio of chicken siblings who enroll in an elite intergalactic academy.