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Director: Chang-il Kim

Producer: HONG DANG MOO Inc.

Executive Producer: Hoyang Kang

Writer: Sukyung Park

Cast: Seoyoung Lee, Suyoung Kim, Insung Seo, Sebin Ahn, Yongsoek Kim

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Entertainment, Kids

Demographics: Children, Family


Hong Dang Moo
25min, 100 episodes

The PPOPPOPPO FRIENDS, with its 40 years of history, is a kid’s program for Generation Alpha. The legendary character PPOMI lives in PPOPPOPPO Land and uses a magic spell to bring the characters Tourie, Neurie, Woorie to solve problems together with children. To give concrete information and credit, we have 3 expertise. All the episodes are based on the kindergarten curriculum used worldwide.

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