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Theme Festival - Holiday Programming


Theme Festival - Holiday Programming

About this Festival

Planning for the Christmas and holiday season schedules is challenged as many productions are put on ice. We collate a wide variety of programming that can be acquired to bolster schedules towards the end of the year.

Programming Profile

Season’s greetings

With the global content industry rattled by the coronavirus pandemic, the niche field of holiday programming is looking to lighten the mood and provide viewers with the chance to embrace family appointment viewing. Inigo Alexander reports.


We could all do with a holiday right now. The first half of the year has proven to be an unexpectedly stressful and uncertain time, with the coronavirus pandemic delivering a sucker punch to the global economy and upending the international content industry, as well as many others.


However, with the pandemic still sweeping the globe and holiday options severely restricted, Christmas time is looking like the next holiday season when we are likely to be reunited with loved ones again.