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Director: Marion Edwards

Producer: Denise Green, Ian McCue

Writer: Sharon Miller

Genres: Children’s

Demographics: Male, Preschool

People: Denise Green, Ian McCue, Marion Edwards, Sharon Miller

Shows: Thomas & Friends

Companies: Hit Entertainment

Thomas & Friends

Hit Entertainment
10 minutes

Belle is very excited to learn that Toby also has a bell just like hers, so she decides to go and makes friends with him. Toby is a little daunted when he sees the big powerful engine that is Belle. Belle decides that she wants Toby to do everything that she wants to do. Instead of listening to the birds she races to the top of Gordon’s Hill and then races down it, but instead of playing Toby reverses into a siding.

Then they go to see farmer Trotter’s pigs but Belle spoils the fun for Toby by making mud with her water jet. Toby goes into another siding but Belle chases after him still wanting to be his friend. Next they go to Maithwaite Station and Belle rings her big loud bell but Toby reverses away.

Belle soon realises that if she wants to be Toby’s friend she needs to listen to what makes him happy too. So Belle and Toby listen to the birds twittering and twitting together quietly. Finally they are both happy and become the best of friends.

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