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Director: Paul Sabella, Will Muegniot, Davis Doi

Producer: Robert Winthrop

Writer: Lisa Akhurst

Genres: Children’s

Demographics: Preschool

People: Davis Doi, Lisa Akhurst, Paul Sabella, Robert Winthrop, Will Muegniot

Shows: Bob the Builder

Companies: Hit Entertainment

Bob the Builder

Hit Entertainment
10 minutes

Scrambler has been reading a book about the super-hero machine, Super-Smasher, and decides he wants to be just like him. When Scoop and Muck point out that he's just an ordinary machine like the rest of them, it just makes Scrambler all the more determined!

The team set about building a milking shed for Daisy – Farmer Pickles' prize cow. She's a bit nervous, and the machines must make her feel at home, so Farmer Pickles can milk her – the general store is expecting a delivery!

When he sees a picture of Super-Smasher laden down with bricks, Scrambler decides he has to be strong too! Weighed down with materials, he drops a door panel – right in front of Daisy! Then, after reading about Super-Smasher beating the world machine speed record, Scrambler speeds off with a trailer full of hay bales. They topple off – scaring Daisy again! Scrambler discovers her in a nearby field, but a big ditch blocks his path. He decides to be brave and jump the ditch – just like Super-Smasher would – but ends up falling in! Bob and Farmer Pickles spot Daisy, just as Scrambler revs his engine loudly in the ditch. Everyone is startled, and a terrified Daisy runs off again! Scrambler is mortified. He's not a Super-Machine! He's just plain old Scrambler, who messes everything up...

The milking shed is complete, but Daisy is still missing. Scrambler realises that this time, he needs to think about what he would do – not what Super-Smasher would do. He has an idea. Everyone should work together to remember things that Daisy likes. It might lead them to where she is. The machines deduce that Daisy's favourite things are long grass, daisies, and apples – and sure enough, they find her in a field, surrounded by all those things.

Following Scrambler's lead, the machines act like cows, and slowly lead Daisy back to her shed. But when they get there, it's not only Daisy that has followed them – but Farmer Pickles' other cow, Delores, as well! Scrambler tells his friends that he may not be a Super Machine like Super-Smasher, but he is part of a Super Team! And maybe that's what Daisy and Delores can be... the Super-Milking-Team!

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