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Director: Jean-François Leblanc

Producer: NITROFilms

Executive Producer: Pierre-Mathieu Fortin

Writer: Marjorie Armstrong

Cast: Marjorie Armstrong, Philippe Boutin, Erich Etienne

Genres: Drama

Demographics: All audiences

The Arena

HG Distribution
6 x 8’

Shamed online by a nasty rap from her ex, Arnaud, Frédérique, a young mother, attempts to get even. She challenges him to a rap battle. Arnaud is well versed in this game: his career as a hiphop artist is well underway. But for her, it’s an entirely new ballgame.

Seeking the help of Jay, a producer friend of the ex couple and himself a rap artist, Frédérique is about to risk it all by showing out on stage à capella before an eager and experienced audience. L’ARÈNE has less boxing than Rocky but more estrogen than 8 Mile.

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