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Director: Hervé Baillargeon (Season 1), Charles Grenier (Season 2)

Producer: Blachfilms

Executive Producer: Vincent Lafortune, Benoit Lach

Writer: Benoit Lach, Vincent Lafortune, Étienne Galloy (Season 1), Benoit Lach (Season 2)

Cast: André Kasper Kolstad, Kelly Dépault, Jacob Witheduck-Lavoie, Émi Chicoine, Mathieu Drouin, Antoine Marchand-Gagnon, Zakary Méthot, Juliette Berthiaume, Rose Choinière, Anyjeanne Savaria

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Teen

Season 1: 8 x 7-8’ & 1 x 50’, Season 2: 8 x 8’

Season 1: After a long power outage, five unlikely friends unite to drive out boredom and a coyote that terrorizes the area. Spotted by Mathieu’s imaginary friend Paul, the beast becomes the main quest of our young heroes, determined to recover the $1,000 reward offered for its capture.

Season 2: An unexplained car breakdown puts our young heroes on the trail of a mysterious Yeti, who they say was responsible for the disappearance of Paul, Mathieu’s imaginary friend.